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Monday, June 24, 2013

Crafty Gathering and Blackberries from my yard

Saturday afternoon I attended my first ever Card and Crafting group at the library with some wonderful and talented ladies. We had such a wonderful time together and with all our chatter and crafting the time just slipped away. Here are the cards that I received in the little swap that we did...
Such beautiful cards! The ladies enjoyed  the paper bag cards that I made as well.
Cards I made

The organizer of the group showed us how to make these wonderful envelope mini's. I still have more work to do on mine but here it is so far...
Mini-photo album made out of greeting card envelopes
Once I get it completed I will share a few more photos as there are tags that slide in and out of the envelopes  (thats the brown sticking out on the right) and I still need to decorate them and cut a finger slot in the ends of the envelopes so you can pull them out more easily.

Then last night I picked the first blackberries from our little patch in our front yard and Scott and I shared them as a lovely snack. It won't be long until we go on our roadside adventure to pick blackberries. YUM!

Today was day one of Inventory and I was SO glad to get in the car and come home. Ate lunch and took a lovely nap. There was quite the storm going on when I woke up.


  1. Nice work and nice swap gifts. I love blackberries yum is right. B

  2. That sounds like the perfect group for you to be a part of! Nice cards all around. Those blackberries look amazing. We're eating lots of strawberries ourselves. Ah, rain. We've been getting quite a bit it seems for us and everything is so green.

  3. Pretty cards and envelope mini. I'm hoping for blueberries this year. Lol, there was rain like that here yesterday afternoon!
    Cheers, Robyn


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