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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Welcome to the Jungle.....

Yesterday morning I went out and took some "JUNGLE" photos of our back yard and I am saving  half for another post and only sharing the before and afters of the areas we got to yesterday. With all the rain that we have been getting lately the grass and trees and weeds have really taken off and were getting so out of control.


This is as you would enter our gate to the backyard.
Under the chestnut tree - you can see where she has lost her "Dread Lockes".

Another shot of under the chestnut tree with the pile of old straw in front of it.

Next to the garden shed that we built.

Back side of the chestnut tree... there are two clematis vines that I was hoping to find.

Next to our screened porch - repairing the screen is on our to do list - or enclosing it to make a year long porch instead,
Scott did the mowing AFTER he had to repair the mower.

The "Rose" bed with some sickly roses that I may just pull out as they tear the screen up anyway.

I moved the bench to under the chestnut tree... nice and shady.

Under the chestnut tree with some of the old straw spread around.

I did find my clematis vines and am using two spare tomato cages to give them something to climb as they do not seem to care for climbing up the chestnut tree.
Beside the garden shed - more of the old straw was used to mulch this bed as well.
And I do believe that these bees are giving their seal of approval...
LOOK at all the clippings from just the back yard...
It was a day of hard work and we were both exhausted. I'm taking today off from the clean-up but will do more after work each day this week since my h ours have been cut back again. I need a play day and it is Father's Day so I want to make Scott a nice dinner tonight. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the Dads out there!


  1. What a LOT of work you two did. I've got some of that to do myself.

    Have a lovely day together ~ FlowerLady

  2. wow that was a lot of work, beautiful jungle though and huge ":) xx salute to you for all the hard work xxx


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