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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wow!~ Thursday all ready!

It's amazing how fast time seems to be passing these days. June is over half way gone all ready! A little over 6 months before another year has gone. It's a beautiful day here and I am catching up on laundry since I will only have Saturday off this weekend as I will be working Sunday to do final prep work for Inventory. I will be so glad when that yearly event is over!

The other day I picked some yellow squash from our garden...
I cooked it for dinner that night with a bit of onion that I precooked in a bit of butter before adding the sliced squash and a little water. OH MY! It was so delicious and we were so thankful we got it planted. The flavor really is so much better than store bought vegetables. Hopefully the tomatoes will start putting on some fruit soon as we are so looking forward to having some fresh from the garden. OH A TOMATO sandwich would be so delicious.

Do you remember the avocado? Well here it is MONTHS later...

I have another pit set up in another glass and it is starting to show cracks where it will first push out a root and then a shoot out the top. Scott said he had given up on them but not me. I knew it would take them some time. I need to research a bit more on these as I'm not sure they will live outdoors here year round.

Well I better cut this short and get some more housework done.


  1. Cool avocado! I'll have to show this to Matt. I can tell it would be right up his alley.

    1. Just be prepared to "sit on your hands" as they take FOREVER! To push a root out and even longer to g et to this stage.

    2. When it comes to garden science experiments Matt can be very patient. The pineapple is more than a year old and there has been a shelled peach pit in soil overwintering in my fridge for months. I guess if he has enough of these long-term garden experiments going it makes up for the slowness with which they progress. But, I will give him your fair warning! :)

  2. All the best for the avocado growing. Love it with nachos! Thanks for your comment on my post!


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