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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Not Everyday is a Sunshine day

I debated on posting today as I've been sorta sad the past two days and then I thought perhaps it would help to get it out of me. So if you don't want to read a depressed post... move on now.

There really is no reason for this depression. Everything is going really well in my life but I just feel sad. I'm hoping a walk with Scott will help my mood.

I don't know how to explain it... it's like something is missing... but what?


  1. Dear Becky ~ I do hope you will feel better soon. Depression can sneak up on us for no particular reason sometimes.

    Count your blessings, one of them being, you have each other.


  2. Becky, often when I feel like this, if I think about it I usually discover that I haven't been outside in the sun enough so I've probably depleted my Vitamin D. I get depressed around March every year (beginning of Autumn here and shorter days)and blood tests show a low level of Vit D. Vit D and exercise help release the body's "happy" chemical - seratonin - so hoping your walk involves lots of sunlight and you feel much happier afterwards.
    Cheers, Robyn xo

  3. Oh Becky I had a day like that myself I think it is aftermath of all the things that have been happening to people around us and it had all compounded to a big sadness. I am sure we will kick it to the curb. In my case it is still cold here and dreary with rain I think I need sun.Take care HUGS B

  4. hi my sweetest friend , please do blog about things that bothers you , if it is out in the open you will feel better writing about it and then you will feel better, so sorry you have to go through this , it is not nice , I know as many times it creeps up on me too , I try and keep myself busy with things that give me pleasure and go for a long walk or surround myself with friends that makes me happy or `i will make myself something nice to eat , all in all `i really hope you feel better soon and find something that would uplift your spirit, but remember we are allowed feeling like this , hugs and `i so wish `i could take you out somewhere or even spend some time with you :) big hugs , Amelia PS: if you like to talk , im here for you xxxx

  5. Just sending more hugs my friend. Hope today is a better day. B

  6. Sorry to hear that, Becky. Hope you feel better soon xx

  7. Oh that feeling is terrible. Its easier when a cause can be identified that the generalized somethings-missing feeling. But, I think we've probably all been there. I do hope writing it down and taking a walk help. You take care now.


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