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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Glorious walks

We are doing our best to walk daily as it helps tremendously with our sugar levels. We are both loosing a bit of weight as a bonus. Night before last we saw some lovely fungus and had a bit of a goof-off time with a few shots of ourselves being silly.

Can you see the moon?

Then last night we had another wonderful walk but chose to go in the opposite direction on the walkway and got to see some more wonderful bits of Nature.


  1. Its so good you get out walking together. Clears the head and fitness and weight control as a bonus. Love your nature photos!

  2. Aw, you both look so happy. What great photos. I'm glad the walks are both enjoyable and doing you both well for your health, too.

  3. You have such beautiful eyes. And great about taking back your health. And the tree photo that's about seven photos down is so striking, such vivid greens. Beautiful.

    Best Wishes,



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