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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Today has gone oh so much better. At work I was left to my one devises and accomplished quite a bit. Tomorrow I will tackle my department on my own as the gal that helps me toward the end of the processing time is not going to be there tomorrow. I will be needing a nap. There is also to be a cookout tomorrow with burgers and dogs cooked by the Boss. I'm to put together a veggie tray and I am planning to clean and pull apart some lettuce leaves, slice some tomatoes and chop some onions for the burgers and dogs. I'm sure most will poo poo the onion as they are afraid of dragon breathe but if I'm going to eat either they should have onions on them and I'm not going ot be kissing any of them and Scott doesn't mind; he likes onions too. I'm also planning to cut up some carrots, broccoli and celery. I will make a sour cream dip to go with them. Lots to do tonight before I go to sleep.

I'm working on a small mini-album thats made out of paper bags and chipboard. It's turning out quite nice and I will share photos when it is complete.

Scott has been writing some nice posts over on his blog.... Softly Scrambled.

Here we are during our walk last night...

We were HOT and sweaty! AND HAPPY!


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  2. looking great , i am so happy you are feeling better , big hugs , lovely photos too xx


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