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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bargain Shopping and Thrift Store Finds!

Yesterday Scott and I spent most of the day scouring for bargains! We went to 4 thrift stores and Ollie's (a closeout store). We got some AMAZING deals and had such a wonderful day together.

Paid $1 each
We went to the first Thrift store looking for an electric percolator that Scott saw on Craigslist but it was gone by the time we got out there. I did find these three lovely jars that I am planning to use in  my Hobby room to store things so that I can see them easily on a shelf. They will be easy to clean too.

Our next stop was at the Vietnam Veterans Thrift Store and BOY DID WE FIND TREASURE!!!! We were so excited! There were 5 of these mirrors standing up against a piece of furniture. We have been looking for large mirrors to go on either side of our fireplace. Scott says he believes they are Mahogany; they are about 3'x4'. AWESOME deal at $10 each!
Paid $10 each
Next we stopped at a Goodwill that we'd never been to before and found some more jars for my project, some quilt binding in navy blue and some curtain clips that I will utilize for other storage in my room as well. We also found a large bag of misc. bits of electronics stuff for Scott for just $1.50 and a heavy power cord for $1. Scott said it didn't matter that the cord had a European plug on it as he wanted it for the wire not the plug.

3 skirts and 2 shirts each $1
And at the final Thrift stop (another Goodwill) we both found some clothes as with our diet changes we are loosing weight and needing smaller clothes. They even had some clothes that were brand new from Target with labels still attached. First I'll show the photo of the items I found for myself on the $1 rack; 3 skirts and 2 shirts.

Paid $3.50 each - these were brand new items
2 pair of dress slacks and a long sleeved shirt for Scott.
Then as I was looking through the rack of the items from Target I found more tops. Three tank tops and one combed cotton top. Just in time for the really hot weather to arrive!

Scott also found some clothes and is ready to shop more at the Thrift stores.

We bought mostly food items at Ollie's so I didn't photograph what we bought there except for some new Diabetic cookbooks. They ranged in price - $2.99, $4.99 and 2 at $6.99. But we really lucked up yesterday as they were having Customer Appreciation and EVERYTHING in the store was an additional 15% off. CHA-CHING!!!! MONEY saved in our pockets!

We had a fabulous day together that rounded out with a trip to the Grocery store LATE last night. So we are all set with food for the next 2 weeks. A wonderful day to be sure. Today will be spent catching up on laundry and yard work and perhaps some house cleaning as well. Then back to work tomorrow!

I did stop at the Goodwill that is on my way home the other day and I made a video of the items I found there.

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  1. I really like the little bookshelf. It would look nice painted white or off white with a little distressing. TFS


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