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Monday, May 16, 2016

Up Til Now

HELLO! A LOT and I mean a LOT has happened since my last post thats for sure and I will do my best to catch you all up... may take longer than one post as I don't want the page to take FOREVER to load for you all. It is always easiest for me to review my camera photos to remind me of what Scott and I have been up to so lets start there shall we?

April 8th I took these photos of a Pen Pal Flip Book that I created and will be mailing to someone filled with a letter and some crafting goodies. These are a lot of fun to create and fill to surprise a friend. I need to add quotes and stickers too.

I love the red, white and black color scheme of this flip book as well.

On April 15th I took the dogs to a Groomer for a Spa day after they both retested heart worm free!

Bernadette's BEFORE picture
Bernadette AFTER pictures

Amelia's BEFORE Picture
Amelia AFTER
Both dogs looked so happy after their pampering. I wish I could take them once a month to get bath and groomed. Perhaps when I cna get them up here at the cottage with us I will be able to do that for them. They are both getting up in years and deserve the extra lovin.

We have started eating more of a Paleo Diet and I made this yummy chicken and strawberry salad one day while we were down at the house in Cayce. When I make it again I will need to halve the recipe of 1/3 it as it made a LOT and we got sick of eating it everyday.

 Changing our diet has really helped us maintain our sugar levels so much better and Scott is even off Metformin now. I am still taking Metformin twice a day plus Zantac twice a day, a BP med at night and a Thyroid med in the early mornings. We both go back to the Family Dr in July and will have blood work done again to see how we are doing. I would love it if I could get off some of these meds by changing our diet and exercise.

This happens EVERY time we go back down to Cayce - Piper tries to trap Scott in the recliner so that he can't take me away again. She is growing up so fast and loves and loves on us while we are there and then pines horribly when we leave. Greg says she looks and looks for us for several days. Poor kitty.

Next up are a couple of the Bearded Iris that were blooming at the house in Cayce.

OK... I will share more in another post. Don't want to overload you all on this one. I hope everyone has been doing well and having happy days!

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