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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Rest of April

The plants in the planters at the Cottage in Greenville are always a welcoming sight when we return.

A Birthday Card for a You Tube Friend.
 I went to the Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens with Greg one day when we were in Cayce. We got there late so had to rush through and nearly missed the "train" back up to the parking area by the gardens. Greg had not been in quite awhile so he was amazed by all the changes and said he barely recognized it as the zoo he went to as a little boy. We had fun toget.her and thats what was important.

I love all the meatl sculptures throughout the Zoo and Gardens.

The Aquarium is always my favorite place... so claming and relaxing.

He's a BIG BOY now!

A Delicious Paleo Vegetable Soup!!!

Making the flowers for the bow card below.

Another Birthday Card for a little Crafter.

My "Handy Hubby" got the Air Conditioner in the window so I would be comfortable during my recovery (more info coming in a future post)... little did we know that we would be turning the HEAT on the very next week.


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