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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Scott is reworking the engine on a riding lawnmower that we were given. He can hardly wait to get it fixed so that he can drive up and test it on the "house no one wants to buy" as someone started a remodeling job and left it in quite a horrible condition; the lawn is about 3 foot tall up there.


  1. I bet Scott will fix it, too.

    It will be a good neighborly deed to cut that tall grass. The other men in your community should join in and help Scott get the job done. :) Gerry

  2. It's a shame but hardly anyone does anything to help their neighbor's around here and when you do try to help the help is not well received at all. And Scott is the only man I know here that is willing to repair anything - the rest just buy a new one of whatever is broke down. Not sure I could ever be married to anyone but him thats for sure. He is like 1 in a million or at least 1 in several hundred.

  3. On Sunday, I mowed the front yard at the abandoned house with a push mower. Several people nearly ran off the road gawking. It was both sad and amusing at the same time. Where has our sense of community and communal obligation gone?


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