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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Button.... Button......

Whose got some buttons......

After 30 minutes of sorting into bags by color I ended up with this....

No real surprise in that the majority of my carded buttons are pink or cats. I sew for nieces and I haven't met a cat button that I didn't like.

Remember awhile back how I got my Round Robin back home... well Irene in UK just got hers' back as well and here is a photo of her treasure that we all worked on...


  1. Lovely buttons! It's just too hard to walk away from buttons isn't it? I like your blue jar.
    Thanks for popping in, I hope you visit again. I am busy, busy, working on things that I hope to be able to share on my blog soon.
    Your button pal,

  2. Yes I received my Round Robin and it is soooo beautiful. Do hope all the other gals are pleased with theirs.


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