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Monday, August 30, 2010

Goodies in the Mailbox!

I knew something good had arrived when I saw the mailman get out of his mail truck to get something to go into my mailbox - a bright yellow squishy envelope - THE BEST KIND! And it was FULL of TREASURE!!!!!

Diane has really outdone herself! I sent her a hunk of UGLY fabric and she worked her magic and made me an awesome bag with wonderful pockets on the interior and the strap is adjustable as well. The fabric that I sent makes up the handle and the front flap on the bag - see what I mean about UGLY - but it's sure not ugly when you look at the whole project.


Diane also got me in the Fall Table Topper swap and she out did herself here as well. Just look at this beautiful table topper!...

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  1. You are so lucky Becky! The bag and the table top are fabulous! Enjoy them!


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