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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Saturday Treasures

So what items did we bring home? Well Scott absolutely fell in love... or tool lust with that level. We paid about $49 for it and when he came home he looked online and found it's worth over $300. I told him that it's his birthday present from me. He was so funny - lovingly cradling it in his arm on the way to the car. He was definitely a "Happy Camper".

Now what did I bring home... well another cookbook ($2) of course and some handmade pottery (got both pieces for $10). The little containers were $4 for the glass hat and $2 for the metal basket... I'm going to turn them into pincushions for stick pins.

Then when we got home I found a medium sized flat rate box on my front porch. It was the crafting prize package I won on Charming Custom Crafts. I had so much fun opening it!
I tried to get a good video of me opening it and going through it but it just did not work out last night so I will share photos of the goodies that she sent to me.
So much FUN STUFF! Thank You Constance! Let's see... some orange flowers, a gold reindeer, some clear Christmas bulbs; some angel wings, 5 Cuttlebug dies; 5 wooden birds; 2 birdhouses; a skull stack stamp; white ink pad; striped paper clips; brightly coloured office clips; a tiny orange paint bucket; some gray pipe cleaners; 3 Easter Bunny picks and one Easter Egg pick (3 eggs);  a magnetic cork board; some football themed push pins; hockey stickers; 10 bottles of craft paint; 1 bottle of foam paint; some crystal topped corsage pins; some hockey stickers; a patrioticstcker border; a baby sticker border; a spool of leopard print chiffon ribbon and some blingy star paper clips. Like I said FUN STUFF!

And I MOWED THE YARD!!!!! Geez! It gets mowed about every 2 weeks and that keeps it healthy and I don't scalp it either as that is not good for the grass. 
Front Yard

Back Yard


  1. Wonderful finds & surprises for y'all! I have to tell you "we" have the tallest grass in our neighborhood/ lovely called "hood" , it is 2 1/2in tall! yep, we are the only ones with a plush lawn that is not scalped to the dirt!

  2. I happy you love your prize box! Glad to have you with me on my page!

  3. Can't wait to see what you make with it!


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