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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quite the Display

There is quite the storm going on just North of us tonight and we are getting to hear and see quite the performance by Nature. I'm just glad it's not right over our heads.

I had to work a little later shift today to help unload the truck (over 800 boxes) and set another plan-o-gram (setting a section with new pegs and labels). I was so exhausted when I got home I went to lie down for "just 30 minutes" - it was more like 3 hours but I felt so much better when I got up. Tomorrow it's back to my early shift and I'm glad for that as I always feel short changed on my day when I have to stay at work so late in the day; I'm just hoping I will be able to get to sleep tonight after such a long nap. The section I set today was a new Tory Spelling jewelry end-cap - I haven't seen the new stuff yet but I'm sure we will be filling it tomorrow. LOTS of new exciting products coming into the store.

The other day I set out our "baby" tomatoes, peppers and pumpkin plants out in the garden and I'm just hoping that they aren't getting too much water. I wish it would stay clear for a couple days so that they could enjoy some sunshine and I could get our lawn mowed so the noisy neighbor doesn't report us for "too much grass" again - CRAZY! I'd gladly mow a DRY lawn but I refuse to get out there and mow when the grass is this wet - too dangerous.

I've nearly completed a hand knitted dish cloth that will be part of the upcoming give-a-way and I am thinking of more fun goodies that will easily fit in the little box I have setting  on the corner of my desk and YES I will include my overseas readers in this one so keep watching for it... it seems my spinning globe is not working today so I have no idea how many have stopped in since yesterday but I will have goodies ready so that I can mail the box out as soon as a winner is chosen.

I need to go clip coupons and prepare a grocery list for tomorrow. I hope everyone has a good night.

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