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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Fear Not Much Progress

I really have not made much progress on my room but I promise I will update on it tomorrow evening. I was so exhausted after work today and it was raining so I took a nap... a much needed one as I fear I am coming down with something and rest is always best when you are feeling a bit under the weather. Speaking of weather; here is what made me decide to nap...
It was absolutely POURING rain. We need the rain but WOW! When I went to the mailbox there was a clap of thunder and lightening at the same time and then the rain just started coming down like this. I didn't waste any time getting back in the house.  I was so glad I was home and not having to drive in it. Sorry about the "WHOOP" in there... the rain blew back on me and it was cold.

Friday is our 27th wedding anniversary and I think we will just stay home and enjoy just spending time together as we are both feeling kinda blah this week. I have taken the day off so I can cook a nice meal here and we are always happy  just sitting and looking at each other. No card or gift can replace REAL love and affection... that is "just stuff" and it carries no REAL value. We have agreed that if we feel the need to say gifts were involved we will count the hard drive he just bought and the scrap-booking/crafting supplies I've been buying as our gifts. Speaking of... Today at work I reset the stamping accessories section at work and the stuff that had gone clearance had to be removed and remarked at a lower price and then placed in the clearance section. I pulled a few things that caught my eye and they were discounted a LOT.
Sorry about the glare on the photo but with it raining there just wasn't a lot of Natural light coming in. The ribbon was 50 cents a spool and it came out of the ribbon bin we keep at the front of the store. I got some Tim Holtz Grunge Blocks for $3.99; Distress crackle paint for $1.99; Stickles 3 packs for $2.49, Foil Memory Tape for $1.99 and some Artist Canvas ATC cards for $2.49. FUN!!! FUN!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! to me.


  1. Happy 27th Anniversary! Things do not necessarily mean love. Love is a way of living and giving each and every day, by being yourselves with each other. We buy stuff throughout the year and we count those as celebratory gifts too.

    Glad you got some rain, I'm sure every growing thing enjoyed it. It was neat to hear your voice in the little video.

    Have a great weekend and lovely anniversary dinner that you make with love and tenderness.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Happy 27th Anniversary Yeah yeah yeah!!!! HUG HUG HUG. Rain is a perfect time to sleep the pounding on the roof always makes me happy and content. Rest Becky you deserve it. B

  3. I must agree with Flower Lady it was nice to hear your voice. I feel like I know you better now:) B

  4. Now that sure is heavy rain Becky! And it was great to hear your voice too :-) Have a wonderful day tomorrow (it's Thurday night here)enjoying each other's company.

  5. Real love like yours and Scott's is a priceless gift indeed. It makes me happy to read. "happy just sitting and looking at each other," that is so sweet and lovely. Here is to another 27 years!


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