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Sunday, May 20, 2012

A VERY full Saturday

Yesterday Scott and I spent the morning in a GIMP workshop and learned quite a lot. They are planning another workshop in July and we will attend that as well. I now know how to align a picture, crop to a selection (all ready knew this one); blur, color balance, colorize and using filters. It was just a general overview but I learned enough to come home and play with some photos. On the way to our car we saw this little fellow hauling tail to a new "green" spot (The city has planted a tree and monkey grass about every 10 feet). I thought he'd make a great test subject for what I learned.

We had parked next to this historic church in down town Columbia and I want to go back and take more photos one Saturday morning before the traffic gets heavy. It's absolutely full of SC History and the architecture is AMAZING!

I'm going to stop here as our next stop was quite full of photos that I want to share so It's best to divide them up in different posts. Stay tuned....

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