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Friday, May 04, 2012

A Wonderful Friday!

Today has been so wonderful! I was supposed to be off but was asked to work to help with the reset of "Martha"... lots of BEAUTIFUL new items in her section at the store. It will take a good sale for me to buy any of it though as it is a bit... pricey, but then her stuff always is. Then after work I picked up just a few more sale items while my Employee Discount coupon was still good for the Friends & Family Event that runs through tomorrow. Just some paper crafting supplies for handmade cards and scrap-booking.

Then on the way home I saw an amazing cat pole in the trash and made a sweep around the block so I could snatch it up before the trash people could get to it. It's like brand new and our cats will enjoy it I'm sure. Tesla has claimed it as his with cheek rubbing and some "minor" play activity but Nick has also let the pom pom have it a couple times. Neither cat is "young" but they still go through some night craziness and once in awhile they will play together after breakfast.

 My parents were down to visit the 3 of us girls that live in the Columbia area and when Mom walked in she handed me this wonderful new 4"x36" ruler from my youngest sister, Ronda. I LOVE IT! I know exactly which project will get finished now because of it's arrival... shhhh it's another secret project!

 And to top all that off our son is coming home from his 2 weeks Duty tonight! I'm so looking forward to seeing him... probably almost as much as he is looking forward to sleeping in his own bed.

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  1. Love those cat photos! It's lovely that your son will be home. Have a lovely weekend Becky :-)


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