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Thursday, September 07, 2017

September - Ah Fall!

As always Greg's birthday on August 24th always signals Fall to me as soon after his birthday we start seeing cooler temperatures and the Hurricanes start coming one after the other. It's a crisp 64*F here tonight as I sit here at the table at the little cottage waiting for Scott to come in from work. And Hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc in the Islands and heading toward Miami Florida. I hope it looses some strength before it makes land fall. It is currently a Category 6 Hurricane... the worst storm in History. Fingers and Toes crossed!!!

Scott is working on second shift now so it feels like we have gone back in time to when I was expecting Greg and Scott worked second. I am slowly getting used to it but I must say being alone at night isn't much fun. I like the quiet putterings of us together ending each day as a team. But it is what it is and we will make it through. It was supposed to be for two weeks while the guy that works this shift was on vacation but it may turn into his regular shift. It is a wait and see at the moment... there he is now.

Tippy - my little white shadow has stuck pretty close to home these days. He is such a silly boy and I love him dearly.

 "MOM... REALLY? I was sleeping real good until you started with the camera... AGAIN!"
A couple projects I've done so far this month... A quilter's round robin square and a birthday card for a friend in the UK.
I had to add a border around Anne's beautiful flower block and I really love how it turned out. I've mailed it on to the next gal in the group to add her border and it will go on and on until it returns to it's owner. I also have a block traveling about the United States.

The card below is for a You Tube friend that will be celebrating her 50th  birthday this month. I really like how it turned out and hope she will like it as well.

Last weekend Scott and I stopped at Bika's for lunch and had their cheeseburger basket special. The fries were THE BEST we've had since moving up here. Definitely NOT a diabetic friendly meal though so we won't be able to go often. BUT... we will go again.


  1. I suppose if you are home alone at night you can turn that into craft and kitty time. You
    ve really been keeping busy with projects. Fall has hit up here, too. Nights in the 40s and low 50s--marvelous! Have a great weekend. I hope everybody is safe. Irma is sure scary!

  2. The card for your friend is so pretty and Tippy looks so cute :)


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