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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nature Bits

"Spot" and "Groucho" - trying to decide if I can be trusted
Prissy's kittens are starting to warm up to me. I still can't get anywhere near them but at least they are not taking off at a dead run when they see me anymore. I am so hoping to get them tamed enough to go to their new home by Christmas if not before. I just can't handle 6 cats at once that is for sure.

 I thought the "eyes" on this leaf were quite fun and I love the coloring on the leaves... not quite Fall yellow bur close. There were leaves falling all around me but none were in a superb  Fall shade as we haven't had a real deep freeze yet.
 The property has a lot of black walnut trees and I am planning to gather some to use. I need a pair of gloves set aside just for nut gathering.
And this final photo shows what I have yet to clean up from Hurricane Irma. Perhaps today will be the day I get out there. I've been quite the Hermit and have been "hiding" indoors. Happily crafting the days away or watching Netflix. Netflix really is a time suck for sure... worse than Pinterest I do believe.


  1. I've been in hibernation mode, too, and not moving much. No mojo. At least you are crafting. I'm more stuck in youtube or netflix--LOL!

    I do hope the kittens and mama get captured, fixed, and a new home this winter. :)

  2. What do you plan to use the black walnuts for?


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