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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Discovery or RE- discovery

I just made a discovery or perhaps more a re-discovery in the importance of keeping this searchable blog. I utilized the search bar below my header to search for "round robin(s)" to find out about the previous round robins I had participated in to share with my current quilting group on Facebook. I could help remind the others of ones they sent out and got returned in the past. It was a real joy to find that info so easily because of this blog. SO... I am going to get back to daily blogging... I have to as so much will be lost if I don't.

Today Scott and I went to Spartanburg to visit Mom and Dad and family as I had empty egg cartons piling up and some thrifty finds for the kids. We had a nice visit and Abby loved the pink ski jacket we picked up at Goodwill for $3.25 and Maddie loved her butterfly purse. We found we need to keep an eye out for books on birds, rocks and gardening for  the boys. And more simple old fashioned non-electronic toys for all the littler kids.

ART & CRAFTS anyone?

This is an IC  (Index Card)  I created for a lady on You Tube - Debbie Vignola. She was having a challenge and wanted a creative way to save everyone's addresses and You Tube Channel names. I just loved the quote - " There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy"

I colored along with Barb Owens friday before last this face using one of her face stamps that I bought from her and then added hair and "outfit" so she is ready for a card front. I''m not 100% happy with her but she will make someone smile - just have to come up with the right sentiment to go with her quirkiness. 
Paint color is "smoked tan"
 Last weekend we went down to the house and Scott got the window trim done and I painted it and he also got the support board for the new fireplace mantle installed. The adhesive had to set up before he adds the mantel; we will do that next weekend. The room is really coming along nicely. OH to be done with it all!

 Then it was back to the little cottage and it's welcoming lights.

 The boys really missed us and spent a good bit of time sucking up to me on the couch.

 I have also worked on another round robin block; this one belongs to Diane in Maine. It is not 100%  perfect but I was happy enough with it to send it on to the next gal. I so enjoy working on these blocks and seeing what others add to them as well. It will be fun to see what they all look like in the end.

 I also made 4 "hands of friendship" for some gals in the Pink Poodle Pack on Facebook. I have to add a bit more fun stuff to the packages but am hoping to get them in the mail this coming week.

On our way to my folks house today we stopped at the Miracle Hill on Cedar Lane and I got these two amazing books for $1... yep 50 cents each! I was thrilled!
Well it is nearly midnight and I am exhausted so I will close this off with a good night and well wishes for a wonderful Sunday. g~night


  1. I've used my blog to look up when things happened, too. Been over 11 years and it is fun to go back and look once in a while because I forget things and how people looked a decade ago--LOL! You guys are so busy on the house and it is really looking good. The cottage, too. And you are always busy making all kinds of things. Have a great week.:)

  2. I search my blog quite a lot, actually, to help remember when such-and-such happened or to find recipes where the card has gone missing, etc. You look like you've been having fun with your craftiness--and golly your cats are cute!


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