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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

First Cuppa

That first cuppa'..... whether it's tea like I am having this morning or coffee is always the best cup of the day. Especially when drank from a thrifty find. We have 3 of these red cups that we found at Goodwill for 25 cents. And before anyone jumps on me about supporting Goodwill because they use their money in ways they don't agree with... we go for the bargains FOR US. We do also shop at other thrift stores like Miracle Hill, Salvation Army, etc... But our main goal is to save OUR money and keep things from heading to the dump. Now  that may sound confrontational and it wasn't meant to I just don't want to hear it AGAIN. ok?

I have fed all the cats; our 3 and the Mother cat (Prissy) and her remaining 2 kittens. She had 3 when she showed up here but we fear one was taken by the owls that live in the woods. Prissy is getting to where I can pet her but the kittens are still skittish.
Prissy with Spot and Groucho
 They all have a new home if I can get them tamed. Our 3 cats are NOT happy and have each taken steps to upset us by going off and not coming back ALL DAY or gone for 3 days. Howie pulled an "all dayer" yesterday and had Scott so worried as Howie is "his" cat. But all 3 were here for breakfast this morning and Callie and Tippy have gone into the woods to do their morning constitutionals. Howie took some time to clean up on the porch after his "second" breakfast. He was so hungry when he got home last night.
Yesterday I didn't post as I had an early appointment with our new Nurse Practitioner for labs and a foot check. And I told her my numbness and tingling has gotten worse in my right arm so they also took x-rays of my neck to see if they could see whats going on in there. If they see that it is Arthritis I will be put on an arthritis medication like Scott is on but if it shows nothing I will have to have a nerve conductivity test. Neither sounds good to me as I don't want to be on ANOTHER medication and I have heard that test is quite painful. I guess I will just wait and see. The x-ray technician said that they would have the results about the x-rays this morning so perhaps they will call sometime after 8 this morning.

I am having a horrible time getting used to Scott's second shift schedule. I just don't know when to cook anymore so I end up cooking breakfast and dinner at the same time so that Scott will have a meal to take to work and I will have a meal for later in the day as well. We end up eating breakfast 10 AM or after as he sleeps until then since he can't wind down after he gets in at 11:30PM each night so it's 2AM or after before he goes to bed. I'm still getting up at about 6 AM so I am getting a lot less sleep as I don't go to bed until he is home. SO it is midnight or after before I go to sleep myself. It sure is a lot harder schedule on us than it was when we were in our 20's.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.


  1. Changing your schedule can be rough!
    I had a nerve test done on an arm to see if the damage was muscular or nerve after an accident. Everyone told me how awful the test was and I didn't think it was that bad at all. So, I'll be interested to hear what you think if you have to have it done. I hope you get some relief from the arm numbness, whatever the cause.

    1. I hope it isn't as painful as some people have told me. I am going to have to have it done though to figure out why my arm goes numb so much.

  2. It does take time to get used to those shift changes. I too couldn't figure out when to cook or eat. But I got used to it eventually and I tended to dive into my crafts when he left for work to keep me occupied. Personally and this is my opinion, I don't think people should say anything of how bad or uncomfortable a test is to someone who is getting ready to have it done and is already nervous or concerned. I think that only makes your anxiety and nervousness go through the roof. So I will pray that you take a deep breath and get through it and find that it wasn't quite as bad as it was said to be. I had to have a breast biopsy in Georgia and in Arizona and I can tell you because of my experience in Georgia was just awful, but in Arizona it was totally different for two reasons, the techniques used and the people who administered the test. So hand in there and I will be praying that you only get good news.


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