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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Project(s) Update

Yesterday I worked a little on two separate projects; the gift for a friend and Carolynn's  Winter Round robin.
What should I add next?
 I'd actually hit a creative wall on the gift so that's when I decided to pull Carolynn's snowmen and add my 2 rounds to it. I saw a video on You Tube for making "disappearing 9-patch blocks" and thought it was SO COOL that I had to give it a try and use the blocks on Carolyn's RR. Now I'm hooked and ready to make some fun quilts with this method... this would be GREAT for that Shark Quilt I want to make Dougie for Christmas if I can ever find shark print fabric locally. Back to Carolynn's snowmen...
 I will be adding the white strip around and then it will be ready to mail to Anne so she can add her fun round(s) to it as well. I just can't say it enough... I LOVE DOING ROUND ROBIN'S! Wishing I didn't have to work this morning so that I could finish this up and move on to the 8 pot holders and 7 Autographed Star blocks for those two swaps. I'll be home before 1 PM so I can work on it all then. I have a gal coming to pick up some magazines that I listed on Free-cycle so I'll need to stick close to home anyway.

The sun looks like Gold this morning as it makes it's may up through the tree's - bet it's going to be HOT today.


  1. mighty impressive piecework you have here, Becky! tho' I've never quilted, I LOVE quilts, so I'm very appreciative to see what folks are creating these days. gotta love it!

  2. Those are beautiful!!! i am finishing up my first made-all-by-myself quilt for my sons wedding.
    Disappearing 9 patch blocks? sounds interesting.

  3. I love quilts but never had the ability to quilt...I have tried but just not my thing. I love to collect other folks beautiful works. Yours are beautiful! Blessings!

  4. Absolutely Beautiful!


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