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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

An Evening Stroll with "the girls"

It's been so hot all day but we still wanted to get a short walk in before the day was over and since the sun has gone down a bit we decided to leash up the girls and walk around the neighborhood a bit. Down in the power line right of way there was this Yucca in bloom. I think these are stunning but would never plant one in my city yard as they spread and spread....
Scott and the girls waited for me while I traipsed through the grass to take the picture of the Yucca - I sure hope I didn't pick up anymore Chiggers. I looked up how they attack you... they DO NOT go under your skin as everyone around here believes and nail polish doesn't do a thing for you.

They like to get behind your knees the best!
If you want to Google about them to learn more of what they do be prepared to be grossed out. And they don't care a lick about your blood... it's your skin cells they're after.... YUCK!  I have bites from them all up my legs into my groin area... NO FUN! And WOO HOO we are going to go berry picking again in the morning!

Bernadette and Amelia thoroughly enjoyed the walk but were both ready for a good drink by the time we got back to the house.


  1. Welcome to Summer..
    The Chigger bites look painful?
    Hope the girls don't get any more fleas.
    It was 90 today and we've had two severe thunderstorms go through area damage though..

  2. Is there no cream or spray which you can use to deter them as with mosquitoes?

  3. I'm going to look around the house and see if we have any insect repellent; we are basically broke until I get paid next week.

  4. I was a feast for sand fleas (similar) when I went to Sanibel. My son counted my bites and gave up at 200 (both boys were bitten up, too, but DH was not.) I had used bug spray repeatedly and it didn't work at all, and just about nothing stopped the itching. I hope you have better luck repelling the chiggers. Ouch!

  5. Yikes, those chigger bites look awful! My first thought was apple cider vinegar. Hope you get some relief soon, and don't get any more bites.


  6. Wow! I'd never heard of chiggers before I read your post Becky. I'm wondering whether they are related to 'midges' which are some 'biteys' we have here in Australia. We also have sand flies especially near beaches. Those chiggers look to be vicious little nasties!


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