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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just a few Bloggie thoughts....

Just a few things that have been on my mind about this blogging adventure. I miss reading and following blogs that have gone "invite only" after I've been reading them for a year or more - it's like a book with no ending - so disappointing. And I "miss" them.

Then something I did recently that I should have known NOT to do - the removal of a blog from my blog roll. Once you add one to your blog roll other's can and WILL use your blog as a launch point to get to the other blogs. I had this happen to me when a blogger removed all her blog links from her blog so I should have known NOT to do this on my own blog.

Blogs with dark background and white lettering - IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy! I know I can change to viewing with "no style" and get it back to black writing on a white background but I follow a LOT of blogs and just don't feel I have the time to invest in doing that so they get cast aside. Which is a shame as some are REALLY good in content.

Music on blogs.... I removed mine; used to have it but then decided it didn't add anything to the reading experience. If music is on a blog; I myself wish the set up to turn it off was at the top of a blog so I didn't have to hunt for it. Now that being said I do LOVE the blogs with calming music or nature sounds - I know I'm a flake but  soft bird songs are so much better than some of the music out there.

We have family members that just don't understand why we blog - Scott and I both have blogs. We enjoy it for one thing; there is a connection with people all over the world; something I share may open someone's mind to something new and we learn so much from other Blogs. There is a sense of community in Blogland that is hard for us to find locally as we think a LOT different from those close to us geographically. We get a lot out of blogging plain and simple. Just another thing to add to our uniqueness.

What makes a Blog enjoyable to YOU?


  1. I agree - sometimes I'm hunting around trying to turn the music me where it came from! And yes, blogland is one of the few places where you can chat to like minded souls. You don't feel so isolated.

  2. I love blogland and I do miss people that just seem to disappear. They probably have very good reasons, I have been lucky I have only met and enjoyed good people on here. I know there are other types of people on here and I assume some have found these wonderful blogs and made the bloggers very uncomfortable.
    I have trouble with huge photos I have a very limited internet plan so I tend to not visit blogs with huge photos. I like to click on them to see them enlarged,not have them all download at once.
    I have photo Friday and started to do this myself. I don't want someone to avoid my blog for this reason.
    I am not a big fan of some of the music but if the blog is good I just turn my speaker off.
    Becky this is a great post. B

  3. What makes a blog enjoyable -- yes, it has to be an easy-to-read font. I have my speakers muted all the time unless I am watching a video or listening to Radio Chopin. :) The most enjoyable thing for me is meeting people who are gifted but humble and share their gifts, joy, and sorrow with us. I personally am fed up with blogs that read how-great-I-am and how-rich-I-am. Puh-leeze!

  4. I really enjoy the people that I've met since I starting blogging. Some from the other side of the world! Everyone has been so nice. It's also good for me to see other people doing the things that I'm trying to do such as living beneath their means, growing their own food, etc. It makes me think I can do those things too!
    I also don't care for music because I have a one track mind, I can't read and listen at the same time so I just turn off my speakers.
    One thing that really annoys me is when a blogger disables the comments on their blog. I know they may have good reasons but to me it says "hey you need to read what I've written but I'm not interested in your thoughts". I just pass on those blogs.

  5. I'm not fond of blogs with music and though I love photos and post quite a few on my blogs I do try to keep them a decent size. I have satellite internet and it's a bit expensive so I know what's it's like having to limit blog visits because of lots of extras.

  6. Thanks for dropping by Becky and for taking the time to comment. I'm with you on the white text with dark background - it's a pet hate in printed materials too. I've been thinking about how blogs have become the defacto women's pages that used to be in newspapers (50s, 60s and 70s). Will do a bit more research and write a post.


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