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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good Morning Morning

I got up about 6 AM after a night of tossing and turning; I think I was just extremely sore from a hard day at work. Yesterday I had to rework, clean and label nearly all of the basket fixture and it was a lot tougher than I thought that it was going to be; it was supposed to take 10 hours total but I was only scheduled for 8 and they expected me to have it done in 6... it was close to 9 before I slapped on the last label and that was with skipping cleaning the two flex sections and not getting product completely back in it's new locations. I had to load up 2 4-highs and 2 u-boats with basket and push them to the stock room so that I could leave. Someone else will be stocking them  and I am hoping it's someone they follows the plan-o-gram so it doesn't look like crap when I go into work tomorrow. Nothing urks me more than someone screwing up something I've worked my fanny off to get accomplished. OK enough of my soap box routine; lets get to some fun or at least interesting stuff.
6:10 AM

6:11 AM
It was absolutely stunning; after watching it come up and sipping a couple cups of coffee I decided to go walk around in the yard.
The first thing that caught my eye were these dew drops on the Pyracanthis just outside the side door. They looked like diamonds hanging down from each leaf and berry.
The next stop was by the mailbox where I planted our ditch harvested old time rose to see that it has some new leaves and growth on it. You can see where I threw down two banana peels to give it a helping hand at getting established. I want to build some type of garden form for it to grow up but that is still in the planning stage. I figure I have until next Summer to have something made up and who knows I may just find treasure being thrown out that would work perfect for that purpose.
With the nearly daily rain we have been getting all the plants have gotten REALLY full and seem to be extra green. This is our home from the street.
A not so good close-up of the Lantana that we have growing by the lamp post. I LOVE this plant; it attracts the most amazing butterflies. Someone left a comment that it is a "Noxious weed" where they are located and that it kills cattle. That is something I  will have to keep in my mind if we ever move to our country place. Don't want to kill the neighbors livestock - lets face it cows get out.
Someone decided to join me... Little Nickie was out marching around reaffirming he owns this front yard.
Next I went on out to the back yard to see what is going on with the vegetable garden. The butternut squash is "making a break for it". And we are just going to let it go and mow around it. We adore butternut squash and it lasts for a long time; no processing required just a cool place for it to hang out until we are ready to cook it.
Here are some of the plants that I got in from Gurney's. They are all ready showing new growth. I have some things left to get planted and will take care of them this weekend.
Beans gone wild!

So has the mescaline mix

Summer yellow squash bloom.

Healthy little cucumber plant.
Everything is growing so well out in the vegetable patch. I do have some issues that have to be dealt with today. I've lost a couple squash plants to borers and I have some bad stems that need to be removed from the tomato plants as well as sucker removal on all the tomato plants. 
 And a final photo of the area next to the garden shed that we have let overgrow a bit for the birds. They love it in there. I may do a clean-up in this area in the Fall but for now we are going to leave it alone. It's quite the concert listening to the birds and then the tree frogs in this tiny area each day and evening.


  1. Becky, just found your blog while browsing through blogland. So enjoyed it. I love your Title and the pic. Is this your neighborhood? I will be back. My garden is doing well also. Blessing and come check me out at my Mountain Blessings. Have a gareat weekend.

  2. Becky I hope when you went back to work it was just right.
    Your garden is beautiful and I was interested to hear about the cow killer, as you know it is my business. You never know what you will learn on someone's blog. I learn something new from someone everyday. b

  3. Love your home's back-set entry door...what a great way to reduce heat/cooling loss when the door is opened. everything looks lovely in the garden too. thx so much for sharing, Becky!!

  4. Beautiful! You home looks so comfortable and homey. The gardens are so lush looking. Congratulations!

  5. Love the pictures. It looks like the storms were very good for your garden ... and your wallet! Your lantana looks much better than mine but I am a brown thumb...:)

  6. I've seen a similar phenomenon with the dew drops. It is quite striking when the light hits it just right, isn't it.

    Lovely garden photos! It must be nice to have your a bird choir to sing to you while you work!


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