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Friday, June 10, 2011

Goodies In My Mailbox

First wonderful squishy envelope was from Carrolyn in Washington State; it was full of wonderful "I Spy" blocks for a quilt I want to put together to have on hand when "Littles" visit.
"I Spy with my Little Eye someone you visit when you are sick?"

"I Spy with my Little Eye something you wear on your feet?"

Next came a box that the Postman had to walk to the door as it wouldn't fit inside the mailbox. It was from Diane in Maine and OH DID SHE SPOIL ME!
"Scrap swap"

Scraps that will be used in the "I Spy" quilt

More "I Spy" blocks
I'm in scrap Heaven!


  1. An I Spy quilt! What a terribly clever idea!!! I am going to have to tell my mother (the quilter and grandmother) as I imagine she too will appreciate its genius.

  2. Great friends you have to send you such a wonderful variety of blocks. Have fun making the quilt!

  3. They are wonderful ON-LINE friends - I have met Diane in person and she is just as awesome as she is on-line. We are member's of a yahoo quilting group ( ) and we have a blast together! The swaps are such fun and bring a bright note to my mailbox.

  4. Hi Becky!
    I can see what a lot of fun this will be!

  5. enjoy i have made a quilt earlier this year from a sherbet pips jelly roll


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