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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Putting on my Thinking Cap Tonight

My Version of the Navy Star Block done in Black, white and red instead Navy, white and golden yellow
Now I've got to think up what to do on Carrolyn's Center - The snowmen - gotta keep it "Winter". AND I have 8 potholders to make before the end of the month - gotta make them special too. I'll mail my center (above) to Anne tonight or tomorrow.


  1. I love this block!!!! Did you make it up? If not, where did you get the pattern? WOW!!!


    She has Hundred's of Free Block Patterns and LOTS of info on quilting. Even a Beginner could start on this site and learn SO MUCH!~ I've posted a link to the block page but there is so much there on her site so take the time to look around.


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