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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Interesting week... so far

It's been an interesting week starting with me working 5 hours on Sunday which I haven't done since being moved to the replenishment team. And yesterday was day one of Inventory - it's a two day process for this Company. And then tomorrow I will be off; again that will feel a bit weird as I am usually working hard by Wednesday as that is the day the truck arrives... oh well hopefully next week we will go back to our regular schedules.

The month will round out with me as a possible Jury Member; I have to call into a number in the evening on the 29th to see if I've been pulled for the trial. I do enjoy this Duty but am hoping that they don't pick me this time; it's just so hot to be stuck in a stuffy Jury box for possibly days on end.

It is 4:15 AM and it's all ready 73*F outside; we are expecting it to reach 103*F during the day today. I will be coming home and vegging in my sewing room. I may move the ironing board to the hallway so it doesn't heat up my actual sewing room where I'm working.

I better go turn the water on in the garden - the plants are going to need all the help that they can get today. Scott will turn it off when he gets up - I'm dreading our water bill.

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