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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Box from Gurneys

UPS just dropped off my "Grab Bag" box from Gurney's - $200 worth of plants that I got for $24. Wanna look inside?....
Here is what we saw after removing the packing material which I was thrilled to see was all Biodegradable; it's refreshing to find Companies doing their part to save the Environment. OK.... back to the goodies.

Here is what I pulled from the box 4 Rubus Navaho (Blackberries); 4 Rubus Black Satin (Blackberries); 3 Mixed Foxgloves; 4 Colocasia Esculeta (Elephant Ears); 6 Patty's Plum Poppies and 4 Johnson's Blue Geranium. I wish they had arrived earlier in the day but I will do my best to get them in the ground quickly as I know how fast they can die if I don't hop to it. I wonder how the neighbors would feel about me planting the front yard in edibles.


  1. Wish I was your neighbour I would be thrilled. What a great buy. B

  2. That's a great deal on plants. I wouldn't care if my neighbor planted edibles in their yard. Live and let live is my motto. I think you'll see more people planting veggies in their flower beds in the future unless the economy takes a drastic turn for the better.

  3. Lol, your neighbour might indulge in the odd 'snack' as they walk past if you have edibles in your front garden! You may have to arrange a 'grazing' deal with them :).

  4. Can't wait to see planted pics. I'd worry about the front yard, neighborhood kids grazing. Buit if you don't mind that I'm sure they dont

  5. Edibles in the front yard might get the neighbors wondering what is in the back yard... then they may be asking you for greens, squash, etc. This happened to my friends (also in SC) so they ask the people to help with the garden work... and it all works out. :) Of course then they got requests for certain veggies, but they were happy to oblige. One person does canning for them in exchange for cabbages. :) You just never know!

  6. That is a heck of a deal! What is this "Gurneys" business!? I am off to google it now. Happy planting!


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