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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wrapping up October

It feels like all I've done this past 2 weeks is eat, sleep and go to work. It's definitely THAT time of year again. MERRY CHRISTMAS!... OOPS... I mean HAPPY HALLOWEEN! For those that celebrate Halloween... HAVE FUN!!! And be SAFE!

Just a few pictures I've taken since my last post...
Goodies from a You Tube crafting friend; we did a Halloween Swap. The headstone below opens up and inside she had filled it with some handmade flowers. She is such a talented Crafter.
Scott has made a LOT of progress on the dryer side of the laundry room and he is close to being to the point where he can put a coat of primer on t he walls.

This is what the washer side looks like now. Scott needs to put in studs and hang sheet rock and then that end will be in the same state. YEAH! Next will be some cabinets and a tile floor. YEAH!

 I added some photos of Scott and I from a party we attended in 1996 to t he canvas my friend created for me. I may add a small journal block to the open spot in the lower right corner.

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