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Saturday, November 08, 2014

The "Season" has arrived...

I don't know how things are anywhere else in the World but people here are shopping early and shopping hard. The store is packed as soon as we open... or so it seems. It's such a mad house! I'm working more hours and longer days... GREAT for the pay check not so much for my 50 year old body. Definitely aching more at the end of each day.

Our son, Greg was let go from his job due to budget cuts and has not found another job yet so I will be helping him with his bills. Hoping he finds another job and SOON. It's not an easy job market to get back into these days.

I guess the best way to get things caught back up is through photos as I always have my camera with me these days... Well it seems the last pictures are all of Greg and his jack-o-lantern on Halloween. So I really have been just eating, sleeping and going to work. Greg brought this HUGE Pumpkin home on his Moped... he was stopped several times by people in the neighborhood wanting to take his picture as it was quite humorous... of course I don't have any of THOSE photos myself. We had a nice Halloween with about 25 trick-or-treaters; I miss the days when we would have so many kids we'd run out of candy but I guess those days are gone for good.



  1. Oh Christmas is starting early I have no idea where people find the time or the money to do that:) I do hope your son will find something soon but I know having him home is nice for you. Take care Hug B

    1. SO nice to hear from you B! I need to catch up on your blog as well. It just seems like life has been dragging me along with me in a twilight zone.


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