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Saturday, November 22, 2014


I'm here! YES! Posting again... We had a bit of a HAT crisis here this past week. Scott has somehow misplaced his beloved hat that I made him several years ago; seen below in this photo of the two of us.
SO being the GREAT wife I am ( ha ha) I whipped up another and this one is made of super warm Merino Wool. I LOVE working with Natural fibers!

He is thrilled with the new hat but we are both hoping his gray hat turns up too.

When I shared the photos of the new hat with my co-workers my Boss said she wanted "one of my hats" so she bought the yarn and I made her one as well. I made her a slouch hat. I really like how it turned out and am going to make myself one soon.
Greg tried his hand at making a sweet potato pie last weekend. His filling turned out pretty good but I need to work with him on the crust as he over worked it a bit and it was sorta tough.
He does pretty good in the kitchen for a 28 year old... now if he could just find a young woman that would appreciate it. Someday!

Scott got his car and our old truck back up to running once more. His car needed a new hose and the truck's alternator had failed but luckily it was under a life time warranty. He says his car needs a sensor that we will need to get soon but it is running now so we will get the part as soon as we can. The dishwasher is still awaiting repair but hopefully we will be able to order the parts for that soon as well. Everything seems to be falling a part around here.

But things will improve... at least for awhile.

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  1. Nice to see you back. Oh I love the hats Merino is so soft. Love the slouch hat too great job. I have a thing about hats lately hope the other ones turns up. Hug B


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