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Friday, November 14, 2014

BRRR... weather has hit

It's stayed in the mid 40's today.... CHILLY! Made me wish I had a REAL winter coat; the coats they sell down here are just not warm enough for cutting winds and chill factors. Of course Greg has decided that he'd like to cook our dinner tonight on the grill! Yep outdoor grill at 46*... glad it's him and not me. He is making a dish called "Chicken under a brick" and some corn on the cob. I am just making some carrot coins to go with it.

In other news... this is what $172 dollars will buy you...
Thats right... ONE Tire! OUCH! The tire it replaced had a bulge that was about to burst and the belts were splitting so it had to be purchased. We need to buy another one to match and have them switch the old tire on the other side of the truck for  the recalled long ago Firestone spare under the truck when we can afford it. But Greg's tuition is due by the 12th of December and that will have to come first. I tell you it's always something! I hope he finds work SOON.

Yesterday I took a couple pictures of two of my "fellas". Tesla missed Scott so much yesterday that he got jealous of the laptop and climb into Scott's lap and got between the two and remained there quite happily for some time. I'm not so sure it was too comfortable for Scott though but Tesla looks quite satisfied... don't you think?

Wednesday morning "The Roach Mobile" would not start so Scott had to drive the truck with the bad tire to get to work. He thinks he needs a couple sensors on it as it seems to not know how it's firing order goes and will not start. When it rains it POURS in repairs and bills. Scott had taken Monday and Tuesday off to get a few days of vacation used up and to catch up on some projects around here. He painted the ceiling in the laundry room it is looking so nice and BRIGHT!
 And he did this to my dishwasher...

Yep... it needs parts too! Remember ... it rains when it pours!
So I am back to doing dished like this...
It reminds me of my childhood. My Grandma was a firm believer that dish washers never got the dishes clean and wouldn't buy one.

I've started preparing two canvas back grounds for the little 4x4 canvases that fellow Crafter's sent to me from around the World. I still have quite aways to go but this is the start so far.

These are the little canvases in their layout... I will put them back just like this once the back grounds are completed. When they are all finished I will post some more pictures on here for you all to see.

I guess that about gets everyone caught up and I hope everyone is staying warm and doing well.


  1. You are busy! We also had to buy new tires for our Vibe. Thank goodness they were on sale! Love to peak into your life! Take care!

  2. I like the look on Scott's face in that first photo with him and Tesla. :) I hope the bills decline in their ferocity of downpour! It never ends, but a nice drizzle beats a downpour for certain! Arg...I need to paint...pretty much every room of the house. And I just don't want to. It would look so nice and bright though.


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