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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In just a week we will be on our way to see Greg! I can hardly stand it! Changes had to be made to the schedule at work so I am now working shorter shifts today and Friday and I'm off entirely on Saturday. YEAH! Scott and I can get more work done on Greg's room. Last night Scott lucked up on a metal desk that was being thrown out over by his brother's house. It needs a little welding but we have a welder and Scott says he can fix it. So a desk is taken care of for Greg's room. I'm going to buy some fabric to make Greg some new curtains as well. If time was available I'd also make him a quilt for his bed. Perhaps that is something I can work on while he is away at A school. I sure will be glad when we know a bit more about where he will be going and for how long.

It's a chilly 28*F here this morning; makes me glad for this thick robe and slippers. I can hear birds and squirrels competing for the feeders out front and I'm sure Greg's cat, Little Nickie is not too far from being in the middle of it all. Tesla has been trying to steal Nick's food all morning so I finally put Nick's dish back in his cat food canister where Tesla can't get to it. Tesla has to eat expensive diet food from the Vet or he gets UTI's.

I better get going lots to to today - pay bills (YUCK!), laundry, clean up the house and do a bit of crocheting on my scarf. I'm nearly done with it and will post a picture when it's completed. I also have some sewing to do as well.

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