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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chilly and wet day!

It is a very cold and wet day here in South Carolina. I went over to Jo-Ann's and bought fabric to make Greg some new curtains and valences for his new windows. The fabric I bought is a tone on tone black stripe that I think Greg will like a lot and it's not as scary to strangers like curtains with spider webs or skulls would be. Ha Ha! Scott's been working on the trim around the windows in another day he'll have that finished and we can do a final sanding on all the patches and then we can paint the room. The floors will have to wait until we get back from Illinois. We'll have about a week before Greg is home for Christmas. That sounds SO WONDERFUL!!! Home where he can rest undisturbed and we can spend some time together. And perhaps he can recuperate completely from the illness he has had for the past month.

I think we will be going over to Lowes in a little while to get another piece of trim for the windows. Scott is getting good at this task and the end reults look so good. I'll post pictures when we are done with the trim.

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