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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Headache Wednesday Morning

Scott and I both awoke with some awful headaches; we think it's time to turn on a vaporizer each night to get some moisture in the air. OW! It's 37*F here this morning so the air is crisp and chilly.

Greg's cat, Little Nickie is following me around this morning and keeps taking me to Greg's bedroom door to check and see if Greg magically appeared in there. We are all missing him something fierce. I wish that he could call home again as I would love to hear his voice.

Somehow my agreement to work one extra day this week has added up to me working 2 additional days this week. Thats not working for me and I'm going to have to say something about it. I wasn't even asked about the 2nd add on day it just appeared. We are trying to get Greg's room remodeled before he returns for Christmas. Plus I have a bunch of other projects waiting to get accomplished as well.

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