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Sunday, November 09, 2008


Just some of my observations on how people act in public...

Children... why do parents just turn their children loose in stores? They cause so much loss in merchandise that in turn runs prices up for everyone that in turn makes these same parents gripe about the high price of merchandise at the register.

Screaming... why do people think it's cute for a kid to scream in a restaurant over and over and not take a walk to the restroom or the car.

Civility has been cast aside and we wonder why our nation is becoming more and more uncivilized and violent... we aren't guiding our children anymore. UGH!

OH! and caring for others... another thing that is being cast aside by this "ME" Generation. What happened to that?!

Yesterday at work I commented to a lady about how beautiful the fall leaves were since it's gotten cold and she said, "YEAH and they're all over my yard making a mess". There is beauty all around us and we don't take the time to appreciate any of it just look at it as another thing thats disrupting our vision of "perfect".

Take time to appreciate the little things.... there is a lot of beauty in them. We're not all meant to look like fashion models - THANK GOD! But we should at least shine with love, kindness and gentleness. Find joy in all things... I've always liked that phrase.

We need to get back to guiding our children to appreciate the little things in life that nature provides for FREE and to love and care for their fellow human beings more.

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