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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weather - Preparing us for Illinois

WOW! It's 25*F here this morning not too far off from what Greg is experiencing in Illinois but we aren't getting the snow that he is up there. Just 16 more days and we will get to see and talk with our son again. I can hardly wait!!!!! It's going to be so wonderful!

It's an intensely clear blue sky out our windows this morning and I heard the local Red Tailed Hawk calling this morning while out feeding the dog and giving her fresh water. And Greg's cat, "Little Nickie" thinks he needs to come in and be an indoor cat. I made a "card" for Greg from Nick... LOL!

In just a little while I have to take my Mother-in-law to her orthopedic appointment. I'm going to take my red, white and blue scarf project with me. She told me I wouldn't be waiting THAT long but I KNOW Doctors offices and I HAVE to have something to do while waiting. Besides I'm having to find opportunities to work on all these crafts anyway as some are for Greg's graduation and some are birthday and Christmas gifts.

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