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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sunny Wednesday

It's turning out to be a lovely day off. I need to run over to the Sand Hills location about lunch as Nichole wants to "do lunch" and go over applications. So is that REALLY a day off.... hmmmm. As long as my body doesn't attack me like yesterday. UGH! Two pair of slacks stained in public - how humilating.

I've all ready cleaned out Amelia's water dish with bleach and filled it up with fresh clear water for her. And Tesla has been treated to a cleaned out liter box with fresh liter back in it. I think Tara has been utilizing his liter box and that has REALLY ticked him off. I cleaned it out with bleach as well and then rinse it several times before refilling so perhaps it will be "pristine" enough for him now. He is such a spoiled little wretch.

I want to have my car deep cleaned and washed - $60. YIKES! Perhaps I will wait until pollen season is closer to being over before I spend that much.

Well off on errands I go!

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