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Saturday, April 19, 2008


Thats how I've felt everyday I've worked this past week.... zapped! I must have some type of hormonal imbalance. This is just not like me and I hate it! I wish sometimes that my job was more physically demanding; some days I leave work feeling like I've done absolutely nothing all day because I've had to sit and do so much paper work and business has been so slow that I've not had many people to talk to on the sales floor. I worry with gas prices going so far up that we will not see the normal summer traffic increase this year. Sometimes I get so tired of chasing money - increasing sales; making employees push to increase sales, and just being in retail where I have to work nearly every weekend. Enough with my griping.

Scott spread fertilizer on our back yard last night and watered some. I need to get some pots from my Mother-in-laws to pot up some plants that we want to transfer up to our property. And we have a lot of trimming to do on bushes. A couple bushes we will have to let go until eggs hatch as I enjoy the birds more than having even bushes for the neighbors to look at. We are hoping to have this place ready to put on the market next Spring. I've just got to find some energy for after work so that I can be more helpful to Scott.

Better get going!

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