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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mail and crafts

Today's mail brought swap items and reminded me that I needed to get busy on some things. SO I went into my sewing room and cut "noodles" for October as well as November swaps. October's theme was "fall leaves" and November's theme was "Vintage 30's". Here are the little bundles that I put together for each of my swap partners...

I received another lovely camisole block; this one was from Carrolyn in Washington. Isn't it WOWZY?

I also got 2 blocks from 2 of the ladies in the Christmas block swap. I absolutely LOVE them. I need to get busy on the 8 I have to make as well for this swap. I've chosen a pretty intricate block called St. Gregory's Cross; here is a link to the pattern... It will be done in the Christmas green and reds like the two I received - of course it will be fabric from my stash so it won't be the exact same fabric but close enough that they will all work together in a quilt. I'll post a picture once I've completed a block.... better get busy on them in the morning. Here are the two I've received...

While at Michaels I saw these cute little butterfly decorative "buttons" and thought that they would make up into some adorable magnets for the fridge. And here they are on my fridge - I'm thinking these would make some nice Christmas gifts as well.


  1. OH, LOVE the quilt blocks...very nice and colorful :) :) What are fabric noodles? I've heard of fat quarters and jelly rolls...although jelly rolls are still a bit of a mystery :) :) those refrigerator magnets are very creative. Those would make great presents. i've actually been thinking about what kind of homemade gifts I could make this year :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  2. The "noodles" that we exchange are 2 1/2" strips in the theme for that month. And we've been sending 3 noodles the width of the fabric (44"-45") OR 6 half widths for a greater variety. In December we will be switching to 10" "cake squares" - 4 per month in the theme. The cake squares can be just sewn together and made into a quick quilt. The noodles can be used in any block that can be strip pieced - like the rail fence block.


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