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Sunday, October 17, 2010

By my hands....

Yesterday I tried working on Anne's Round Robin but what I was thinking of doing wasn't working out at all. SO I scrapped the idea but had to do something with the strange little blocks that I had come up with so I made a Christmas Table Runner. Scott says that it is quite busy and thats putting it mildly; what do you all think?

This morning I started working on a necklace and earring set for a little gal in my life - her birthday is this coming week. I hope that she will like them; she told me that her favorite colors are red, black and purple and that she likes silver better than gold. I'm making her a Fairy set. I will take some more photos when I get them completed.

With it being the weekend Scott and I went for yet another wonderful walk by the River. The Osprey was there in the old dead tree near where we park the car. It looked SO MAJESTIC and there were 2 large black crows doing their level best to torment it but it didn't care one bit how much noise they made. What a Regal creature.

I spied a lovely baby Brown Water snake. It was only about 8 inches long and doing it's best to hide from us. There were also hundreds of baby fish that I tried to get a picture of swimming near the shore. You'll have to blow that water picture up and see how many you can see.

And I can never get enough of the sun glistening off the water with the large dark protrusions of rock busting through it's surface.

All in all so far today has been GREAT!

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  1. Hmm....the red print on the table runner looks a little busy...but honestly..I think the colors are great...and so perfect for when you have it all decorated with items sitting on top it'll look nice then, too :) :) :) You did a wonderful job putting this all together!!! I still need to tackle a sewing project...

    Oh, the earrings are sweet too!!! They're pretty :) :) Have a lovely week, Becky. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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