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Saturday, October 23, 2010

I think it's time to do a bit of cleaning...

For the past couple of months I have just been pushing on to another project without much tidying up in between. Pulling bins in from the "radio room" and mauling through my stash. So now my sewing room, and the front two rooms of the house have fabric stash 'blow out". I'm sharing photos of my actual sewing room in all it's jumbled glory to show what happens when a creative mind just can't stop creating long enough to stay organized.My little niece, Abby would think she was in creative Heaven in my sewing room... so much to get into.


  1. SHe would go into a fabric comma!!!!! She loves to touch the fabric on everythig in the store!

  2. Scott told me last night that I photographed it all so bad that it looks like there are just pathways into it. UUMMMM... yeah... Right... LIKE THERE NOT JUST PATHS! LOVE HIM!


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