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Friday, October 01, 2010

Fun and Bits

Yesterday I took the bits left from trimming the Four-T blocks and created this large center block. After I add a solid border around this block I will take the smaller trimmed pieces and make another border to go around this block. I'm not sure if I will add this to my orphan blocks to one day make into a sampler quilt or make it into a table topper. I guess only time will tell. I just didn't want to throw those bits away.

ADDED LATER IN DAY - Tesla has voted that I make this block into a cat quilt just for him. Now I will have to make another one for Nicolas.

Yesterday I also received my prize from Lane's give-a-way that I won. A beautiful jelly roll of Batiks - which I adore. And it also included a rotary cutter that I have been thinking about purchasing. It drops it's blade when you press down on it and has a lock in place selection for safety. SUCH FUN!

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