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Saturday, October 30, 2010

State Fair

Our State Fair was last week - we did not go. I haven't been in years as it's always so overcrowded and people will slam right into you as you are walking and quite frankly that hurts me physically. I love to see the exhibits and the animals; not much into the rides anymore as I get vertigo too easily. Perhaps next year there will be a rainy day that I can go and enjoy the exhibits. Greg and his girlfriend, Rachel went this year and seemed to have a good time. Greg brought me an "elephant ear" with cinnamon and sugar and apple pie filling on top... it was YUMMY! He never passes up a chance to chomp on a fried turkey leg.

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  1. I love fairs...I don't know if Oregon has a state fair or not...I'm sure there is one. I used to go to the fair in Southern California every year as akid...and it was so much fun...and some of the same exhibits were there year after year...and it was great to visit them. I'm glad your son had a fun elephan ear with sugar and apple pie filling on top does sound pretty good right about now!!! I'll pray that you will have the perfect time to go next year!!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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