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Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Flower

This chrysanthemum comes back each year and blooms next to my garden shed. It would put on a more fantastic show if I could remember to trim it a bit during it's early growth; but when it's just the leaves I don't think about it much. I love it's color and enjoy seeing it bloom.

It was chilly enough when Nicolas came back in from being outside he didn't mind being covered up for a little while. He is now laying on top of the blanket and doing a proper grooming on himself.

Last week Scott and I got to watch another group from Carolina Adventures going down the river as we were walking. It looks like so much fun. Perhaps one day we will do this.

Well laundry and more job hunting are in order for today and some sewing - gotta do something creative today!

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  1. I love ur kitty! Abby told me that she wants an orange kitty named Pumpkin!


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