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Sunday, October 31, 2010


We finally broke down and went to CVS (drug store) for candy yesterday afternoon; I'm glad we did as we did get a few trick-or-treaters last night and are thinking we may get a few tonight. We still have a BUNCH of candy in this bowl as we were the only ones with lights on our street last night. Halloween certainly has changed from when I was a child and Halloween has ALWAYS been different in the South from where I grew up in New York.  

With Halloween we are finally getting some weather that actually feels like Fall. I may need to visit some Thrift stores for some heavier pants for the winter months. If we ever had to move North again I would have to find a BUNCH of warmer clothes; we ALL would as our wardrobes are VERY "Southernized" (yes I made this word up).

I am working on Christmas presents and have to do a bit of seam ripping as I got the cart before the horse and missed the application of interfacing on several pieces - live and learn. I can't really share much about this project as the person it's for reads my Blog but I may give a little sneak peek of some of the fabrics later. Maybe.... 

Well I better get some breakfast made so that I can get in the sewing room for a bit before we go to visit one of Scott's High School classmates down in Swansea. Swansea,SC was where I first lived when I moved to South Carolina in 1982; Perhaps we will drive past the house I lived in today - a little house in the woods.

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  1. Hi mystery projects...yes, maybe you could take an extreme close-up of one of the fabric colors? I'm still thinking about "fabric noodles" :) :) Love that phrase!!! I haven't celebrated Halloween in years...but I"m having a really hard time choose whether or not to hand out candy....I'd do it mainly to see the faces of the cute little kids when they come to the door. Here where I live, they only go trick or treating on October 31. I haven't experienced early visitors, yet :) Oh, sewing sounds like fun. I'm going to be doing more knitting today...but I need to do sewing..Have a great day. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)


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