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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Independence Day

I worked 5 hours this morning getting the last of the end-caps and power panels ready for the new Fall products that are arriving in the store tomorrow. I came home after that and ate some lunch; watched a movie on Hulu while working on the needle cases. I completed the beading on one and have started on a second.

You can see where I am changing the colors around a bit so as each one turns out a bit different from the rest making them each unique. I sincerely hope that the ladies waiting for these will feel they were worth the wait. They do take quite a bit of time but are turning out so amazing. I will post some more photos once I've put one together.

I couldn't remember whether I mentioned the fact that before starting to work on the piece I added a piece of iron-on interfacing to the back for stability. I had cut it about 1/4" smaller than the fabric that was cut at 5"x9 1/2". The design is centered on the piece at one end so when it is folded it sets nicely on the front of the needle-case.

The back of my work.... which seems important to some people.
More to come but right now I have to cook dinner.


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