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Thursday, July 05, 2012

A New Day

Thank you all! We just came to the realization that we have moved so far away from that particular dream that we needed to let it go. And living on about 1/3 the income we had when we bought the place has been a HUGE deciding factor. We can't hold onto that place and we cant make any repairs to this place to prepare it for selling either so something had to give. I am truly hoping the people that own the property next to ours will buy the place as they have asked if we were selling nearly every time we have gone up there. We are now ready to let our future go where it will and we are not planning any of it. That may sound crazy but we know that absolutely nothing is certain anymore. We want to  downsize to a smaller home and wish now we had never moved here as our first home would have been completely paid off long ago. But we didn't have a crystal ball back then and were following the crowd of "have mores".

I don't regret my life... I just wish I had made different choices.

I guess yesterday was truly an Independence day for us... we came to the decision to gain OUR Independence from a weight upon our shoulders.

Scott has been applying for all sorts of jobs and we are prepared to make a long distance move if we need to and have decided to start down-sizing our belongings as well. Stuff is just stuff after all.


  1. Huge hugs Becky,

    I truly admire yours and Scott's courage and strength. It can take an awful lot of time and soul searching to come to these realizations but now you're there I sure everything will fall into place for you. You have the skills of living simply to make it work for you. You have support from all of us here in the blogging world, we will all follow and support you and Scott on your journey into new adventures xxx Thinking of you and as we say in NZ...

    Kia Kaha xxxx Ruth xxxx

  2. That is a huge decision, but I'm sure you are starting to feel freer already. We have lived in a tiny cottage (by today's standards) for 39 years. We think of moving from time to time, to somewhere with a little more land and 'peace and quiet'. I've looked online to see what's out there and what prices are, and for what we have here on our 1/4 acre, and for the price and our mortgage being paid off, our little compound looks wonderful. If we won the lottery we would seriously consider moving, but this is what we have been blessed with and we continue to learn contentment here with our little haven from the hectic outside world.

    I pray you and Scott will have peace of mind and that something just right comes along for you.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Becky & Scott, I like to believe that the dream your giving up is for a much bigger dream you haven't thought of yet..I know the road to downsizing all to well when Dh was unemployed for 3 yrs..I know all to well the hard choices that need made..for what it's worth my blogger friend we are in a better place because we followed that inner voice , even kicking and screaming ... I wish you both the same "peace" we have found by simple living to simply live..

  4. Oh Becky and Scott you are going to find another dream my friends there are always more around the corner. I have had dreams but reality has changed them also and it has always worked out better. I totally believe every thing for a reason and I am sure better things are ahead for you both. Take care. B

  5. Oh Becky I just read your comment on my blog I hope your son is alright. You are welcome in my woods anytime. HUGS B

  6. You sound like you have a great plan of action and the right attitude about it. Happy independence (Day and more)!

  7. I wish you all the best!! Its so hard isn't it. I know how much I am struggling with our life changes at the moment and I can truly sympathise. I keep wishing the world didn't revolve around money and jobs but I guess I, and everybody, just have to live with the fact that it does sadly. My heart goes out to you all but I am sure everything will turn out ok in the long run, for you and us and everyone else going through similar things at the moment. Hugs to you,,,,Colleen

  8. Best wishes to you and Scott. These uncertain economic times are a real trial. There are only so many cutbacks one can make but you really are making the best of your situation. It would be so much simpler if we could see into the future to know which path to take.
    thinking of you,

  9. I am so sorry you have to let go of your dream and my prayer is that a new dream or goal will present itself to you and Scott soon.


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