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Monday, July 16, 2012


The sky was so amazing Saturday night as we were returning from our trip to the boat ramp (also known as - WILD LIFE SPOTTING trip); I just had to stop and take these two photos.

CMC Steel Plant
Friday evening we decided to drive around the Mill Village section of Columbia and we spotted this amazing little house with this AWESOME porch. Scott stopped the car and got out and took these photos for me. Isn't it simply charming? I'd love a little cottage like this out in the country.... one day perhaps. If you are interested in reading about the Mill Village this is a PDF you can read and/or print off.

These are the types of things that cost us very little to do but that we both enjoy immensely. It gives us a chance to collect ideas and to enjoy the simple beauty that surrounds us everyday.


  1. sometime the simple things bring us the most pleasure....I love the cottage......

  2. Oh I love the little cabin that is my secret if you like something take a photo and you can enjoy it anytime you want. B

  3. I also love cottage style homes . I am also a big sucker for front porches on homes..and NO, we don't have one..


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